In this fast-paced and evolving world, families get too caught up with work and their busy schedules to spend all their precious time performing housework and other mundane chores. That’s where we come in! Sparkles understands that not only can a clean house affect the way you feel, it also affects your life.   


Sparkles enjoys cleaning your house for you.  We take away the stress that life can present and allow you to relax and know everything you wanted to do is done. Sparkles performs an in-home estimate,or,over-the-phone consultation applying our unique check-list designed with the busy home-owner in mind. We know hiring a cleaning service is very personal, and that’s why our highly trained professionals  are attentive to detail and and take into consideration the home-owners’ specific needs.   

 We pride ourselves on services that reach areas of the home that other cleaning companies will not touch. Whether you need a one-time specialty cleaning, weekly or bi-weekly service, or even monthly services, Sparkles will perform the duties while you feel confident and worry-free in the Sparkles team. Relax, take a breather, let us make your world cleaner!

Dream Service

Denver, CO


Relax, take a breather, we'll make your world cleaner!